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Artista Dance School
900 Lafayette St, Santa Clara
Join us for the Salsa & Bachata Series:

April 3 - April 24   (4 weeks) MONDAYS
Beg Bachata  Lvl 1: 6:30-7:30pm
Bachata salsa  Lvl 2: 7:30-8:30pm

April 5 - April 
28th (4 weeks) Wed
Salsa/Mambo foot
work 6:30-7:30pm
Salsa Beginner Lvl 2: 7:30-8:30pm

April 4, 7:30 pm
Bachata Intermediate level

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Learn to dance Salsa and Bachata while sharing your passion with others who are seeking similar endeavors. We dance in class, in clubs, at dance congresses, and we even travel together around the USA to improve our dance skills. We simply enjoy dancing and spending time together! We have classes of all levels to suit your dancing feet needs - from beginner to semi-pro!



Hector Reyes



| GROUP LESSONS & PRIVATE LESSONS |:  salsa on 2 and bachata classes for beginner to advanced levels
| DANCE TEAMS |: for dancers who want to dance more professionally
| FIRST DANCE FOR WEDDINGS |: we specialize in teaching and choreographing a once in a lifetime evening. Our goal is to help you look elegant and feel comfortable while dancing in front of family and friends

Group Lessons:

MamboNova features 5-6 week series for students who are just beginning to learn salsa or have a background in salsa On1 and would like to learn how to dance On2. These series focus on learning basic skills, techniques, and patterns to create a comprehensive and artistic education that fosters excellence in dancing On2. 

The training given consists of basic instruction, timing, musicality, and body movements so that you can achieve the look of a true salsa dancer. We teach with the philosophy that anyone can dance if they set their mind to it! Our lessons are designed to help you embrace the passion for the art of dancing for both social and performance styles. 

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available for those who wish to receive more undivided attention or who may not be ready to join a group setting. Taking the leap into dancing can be intimidating, but private lessons lessen those concerns by having the privacy, attention, and pace that you need. Each session is catered to individually to meet your needs and goals. Private lessons are a perfect way to advance your level or to just simply get started. Private group lessons are also available and a great option for a group of people who may want to experience the art of dancing together.

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